Wills & Probate: Application According to Shari’ah Law in Singapore

How might you protect and provide for your loved ones after your demise?

Many don’t realise that estate planning is in fact a part of their responsibilities to their families. Many even avoid the topic of estate planning due to its relation to death. Many fail to realise that estate planning can potentially prevent any family disputes and contesting of assets upon the demise of an individual.

The practice of estate management is an essential knowledge that citizens of Singapore should acquire in their lifetime. When a Muslim dies in Singapore, the Shari’ah law (Islamic Law) is applied to his estate planning activities such as will writing and estate planning. This seminar serves to cover this topic in depth.

Topic #1: Real Case Studies & Latest MUIS Fatwas
Topic #2: Legal Aspect of Will-Making & Its Processes
Topic #3: Our Assets & Its Challenges
Topic #4: Estate Planning for Business, LPA & Trust

– Suhaimi Salleh (Moderator), CEO of Barakah Capital Planners
– Saifurrahman, Founder of Alchemy-of-Hippieness
– Halijah Mohamad, Advocate & Solicitor
– Keon Chee, Director & Founder of Legasy Planners
– Michael Seow, Senior Financial Services Director at Prudential Assurance Company

Special Guest Appearance by Bonda Bedah Mak Temah.
Refreshments & Course Materials are provided.
Seminar will be conducted in English.

Sunday, 26 November 2017 Lecture Theatre (Level2)
Lifelong Learning Institute
Standard Ticket: $20
Couple Ticket: $30
9AM – 2PM

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