If you are a Muslim domiciled in Singapore, and you...

are a Muslim convert

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have adoptive parents

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have minor children

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have an adopted child

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have an illegitimate child

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have a joint tenancy property

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have made a CPF nomination

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are divorced

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have several wives

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have a non-Muslim spouse

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have no children

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have daughters only

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have an insurance policy

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want to donate to charity after death

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are single

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have no legitimate heirs

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About Us

Barakah Capital Planners Pte Ltd
(BCP) was incorporated in 2004 with
the following objectives:

  • Creating awareness among members of the Singapore Muslim community on the need for estate planning in accordance with Islamic law.
  • Enhancing their knowledge on the Islamic law of inheritance (faraidh) and its application in Singapore.
  • Providing will making and estate planning services consistent with Shariah principles.

We are supported by a panel of legal advisers and Shariah personnel.

We are also a proud member of SSA Consulting Group, a group of professional firms providing accounting, auditing,
training, consulting and estate planning services to our clients.

The Team

We walk you through a variety of options to
help you arrive with the right plan

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Our Partners

Barakah Resources

The writer's motivation to educate the local Muslim community in the issues of wills, faraid and estate planning is praiseworthy.

Zainul Abidin Rasheed

Senior Minister, (Foreign Affairs)

Suhaimi should be commended for his readiness to share his knowledge on estate planning.

Arfat Selvam

President, Muslim Financial Planning Association

Suhaimi's approach and his easy to understand style of writing is pertinent for digesting a subject matter that is complex yet of crucial importance to the Muslim community.

Mohd Guntor Sadali

Editor Berita Harian/Berita Minggu